How a generation recalls the reality of Belfast’s streets in 1971

Good background to the Film ’71

Life's a bunch of shit when you think of it ........

Yann Demange’s thriller ’71 tells the story of a young English soldier’s experiences as Belfast erupted into sectarian violence. We speak to three people for whom the experience of watching it was a cathartic event

Jack O’Connell, stars as a young British squaddie lost in the mayhem of 1970s Belfast at the height of the Troubles in Yann Demange’s thriller ’71.

Anthony McIntyre. Anthony McIntyre.

“The impact of ’71 was immediate. To use the well-worn phrase, a journey back in time. The screen immediately saturated my mind with powerful ambience and stunning effect, both visual and audible.

“1971 was a time when fear and excitement stalked Belfast streets in equal measure. The death of a soldier or a member of the RUC was hailed with a joyous punch of the air; the deaths of IRA volunteers with aggrieved solemnity. British state violence was rampant. Civilians died…

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