You Can’t Make A Profit Out of Having Babies For Benefits

the void

cheap-buggyThe Tory Party have long had an obsession with the notion that working class women are constantly having babies in order to gain some kind of financial advantage.

Under the last Tory Government this manifested in the accusation that teenage girls were becoming pregnant simply to gain access to a council flat.  With social housing in chronically short supply this argument barely holds water anymore.  Very young single parents are likely to be placed in mother and baby units or hostels – usually sharing a tiny room with their child in an environment closer to an open prison than a home.  Those who are older with children tend to be offered private sector accommodation whilst awaiting a council property which may take years to materialise, if it ever does.

So now the Tories have turned their attention to the pittance paid out in benefits to those with kids, even stooping…

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