Good Blog on HMRC


11 September 2010 7:45AM

So, it looks like the government is not very good at sums.

Maybe £2 billion owed in tax because of administrative error.

Maybe £1.5 billion fiddled by benefits cheats BUT

Maybe £3.7 billion paid out wrongly through administrative error

Then a couple of real biggies, real monster doozies:

Maybe £25 billion lost to tax avoidance

Maybe £70 billion lost to tax evasion

(Nobody knows what the true figures are here because the government just assumes that the rich never pay tax and it can never be asked for. If the rich are clumsy or generous enough to sometimes pay tax, the government tugs its forelock, bows and says: “Cor, blimey, Mister, you ain’t ‘alf a gent and no mistake! Merry Christmas, sir!”).

Then an odd one. All those scrounging benefit-cheating scum of The Sun’sscreaming “Shop-a-Scrounger” (courtesy, the Honest Dave Cameron propaganda machine) phone-in headlines somehow manage, in their frenzy to steal the food out of the baby nation’s mouth, to leave behind:

Maybe £12 billion in unclaimed benefits entitlements

Now, you have to ask the question, which of these areas is going to receive the most media attention?

Will it be:

A. Ordinary people having to pay tax
B. The lovely, wonderful rich not having to pay tax
C. The filthy poor and sick who brought about global economic meltdown through their constant pilfering of public funds

Clue 1: The biggest thieves and benefits recipients are the rich – so it obviously won’t be them.

Clue 2: If you are feeling outraged that the tax man might ask you for what you owe, you are happily moving from the mindset of the poor to the mindset of the rich. How dare he, right? Take a double-score bonus and fill your boots. Success awaits your every move.

Clue 3: Why don’t we just bulldoze the filthy, bloodsucking poor into ghettos? They are bleeding the economy dry and now everyone is getting tax demands to pay for these scum’s flat-screen televisions.

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.

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